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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How much freezer space will I need if I buy 1/4 beef? 1/2 beef? Whole beef?

A:  You will need about 4 cubic feet for 1/4 beef.  8 cubic feet for 1/2 beef.  16 cubic feet for Whole beef.


Q:  How much meat do I get when I order a 1/4 beef? 1/2 beef? Whole beef?

A:  Depending on hanging weight of cow and custom processing to your specifications, you will get approximately   100-150lbs from a 1/4.  200-300lbs from a 1/2.  400-600lbs from a Whole.


Q:  What will it cost to buy a 1/4 beef? 1/2 beef? Whole beef?  

A:  1/4 beef= $800-$1000.  1/2 beef= $1600-$2000.  Whole beef= $3200-$4000.  These are approximate costs, final cost is based off of hanging weight at time of butcher.  Our price for 2023 is $4.76 per pound hanging weight.  Processing is included in final cost.


Q:  What is generally included in a 1/4 beef? 1/2 beef? Whole beef?

A:  You can see what is included in 1/4 beef by viewing our Butcher Form.  You would double that form for a 1/2, and quadruple it for a Whole beef.


Q:  When is my final balance for my order due?  

A:  Your final payment is due by the time you receive your beef.  


Q:  Is my deposit refundable and will my deposit go toward my final balance?

A:  Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, but all deposits will go toward the final balance.


Q:  What butcher(s)/processing plants does Grandma Pat's Beef use?

A:  Grandma Pat's Beef primarily uses Hanford Packing Co, but we also have some butcher dates available at Monon Meat Packing Inc.



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